Symmetriis in Veritate

Symmetry is a super important concept in pretty much every discipline I’m interested in, so I think about it a lot.  Sometimes, that thought is conscious, such as centering the Escher tiling at the beginning of this post.  Other times, it’s subconscious, like looking at an image or an object and “feeling” that something is […]

All these worlds…

    I started to write a Facebook post when I figured, hey, it’s been 18 months or so since I’ve posted anything here…I should probably justify the cost of this website or something.  LOL. As you may know, NASA’s Juno probe has arrived at Jupiter and will soon start sending back epic images of […]

Go home Numerology…you’re drunk.

  So, in unusual form, I’m gonna write another blog post about a week after my last one!  I like this trend…perhaps I’ll keep it up. I have been “Facebooked” the following video quite a bit over the last month or so.  It’s about the fantastic numerology of the circle. While I do appreciate the […]