about me

My name is Kevin Davenport and I, apparently, have a blog.

I have been squandering Earth’s atmosphere since 1978 and decided to tell anyone who cares all about it.  I have a wide range of interests…everything, really.  I’ve been going to school for about 30 years now and I have Bachelors degrees in Electronic Engineering, Industrial Design, and Physics.  I taught computer animation and game design for about 10 years but now I’m taking the ultimate academic plunge and pursuing my PhD in Condensed Matter Physics.

I love books and have waaaaaaay more than any one person should have.  In addition, I actually read them and don’t just use them for decoration.  I also love playing games, analog and digital, and I’m of the firm belief that if you truly want to know a person, you should play a game with them.  I love music, particularly electronic music and classical music, and I play a variety of instruments, most notably the piano.

I live in Salt Lake City, Utah, which isn’t as bad as it sounds, believe it or not.  I’ve travelled enough to know that everywhere is interesting and sucks in the same amount, just in different ways.  I enjoy this city and the nature surrounding it.  You can truly experience every climate on Earth in our state…often all in the same day.

So, that’s me…I guess.  Who can really sum themselves up in a couple of paragraphs?  Come back in three years and read all of my blog posts.  Then you’ll know who I really am…